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Cocktail Party

A little bit of wine can loosen a few tongues. A cocktail dinner can be a formal or informal gathering, but this is a wedding so let it be informal. People will be mingling, socializing and exchanging chit-chat, with a couple of good drinks and good food at hand.

What do we offer?
We at Cocktail Party Organiser in Delhi take the issue of choosing drinks seriously. Drinks will be served according to season, winter or summer. We also:

  • Take care of the venue
  • Bartending issues
  • Invitations to the guests-whether by telephone or written
  • Food – hors d'oeuvres or buffet
Why us?

Choosing the drinks, choosing the servers, measuring and everything else is a lot of hassle. Why should you be bothered with so much work when we are there to help you out?

"Our Valuable Clients"